The ROI of NewsCred for Enterprise Content Marketing


Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study of NewsCred

Marketing has evolved. Enterprises across the globe have launched content marketing programs as a result of the tried and true strategies of the past losing their effectiveness.

However, managing the creation and distribution of exceptional content that resonates with customers and prospects can be a time consuming, inefficient process. As a company, we understand the challenges of running content marketing at scale and provide enterprises with a holistic solution of software, professional services, and content offerings to streamline program execution and increase content production efficiency.

To determine the financial benefit of investing in NewsCred's complete content marketing solution, NewsCred commissioned a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study from independent research firm Forrester Consulting. Through interviews and financial analysis of a current NewsCred customer – an enterprise, multinational consulting firm – Forrester determined the return on investment (ROI) that global businesses can expect from leveraging NewsCred’s solution for enterprise content marketing.

Through improved productivity, increased efficiency and reduced costs after using NewsCred for over three years, this Fortune 500 consulting firm:

  • Realized a 201% ROI
  • Achieved over $1.5M in total benefits
  • Experienced a payback period of only 4.3 months

See the results of the study [Infographic]

Download the study

To read the in-depth financial analysis with year-to-year cost and benefit breakdowns across detailed categories of efficiency, productivity and costs, download Forrester's 2017 study: The Total Economic Impact of NewsCred.

Financial Benefits of NewsCred's Enterprise Content Marketing Solution

Overall ROI

201% over three years and a 4.3 month payback period

Benefits of Software

Improved productivity of client's content marketing team resulting in over $564,300 in total savings over three years

Benefits of Expert Services

Increased efficiency of the editorial process managed by NewsCred totaling $505,400 of value over three years

Benefits of Content Offerings

Eliminated opportunity costs of $494,775 over three years by freeing up internal subject matter experts to focus on billable work 

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